Kevin Thornton

Kevin Thornton: Conversion

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kevin Thornton

Title: Conversion
Label: CD Baby

Bio Kevin Thornton was a member of the multi-platinum vocal supergroup Color Me Badd in the 90's. Color Me Badd was introduced to the world singing an acapella debut for Bon Jovi and then later had their first hit 'I Wanna Sex You Up' on the New Jack City movie soundtrack. Following that hit, Color Me Badd sold over 3,000,000 records, were nominated for several Grammy awards, won several American Music awards, and garnered numerous top 40 hits including songs like 'I Adore Mi Amore' and others. The group disbanded in the late 90's and each member has followed their own musical careers. Kevin is now proud to be making music that inspires, brings hope, and points people to knowing Christ. In Kevin's Words... As a child, I grew up in the church. My grandmother taught me a great deal about the Bible and Jesus Christ. Also, both of my grandfathers were pastors. This foundation kept me out of a lot of trouble I could have otherwise gotten into throughout the years. In high school, I teamed up with Mark Calderon, Bryan Abrams and Sam Watters. We later became professionally known as the 1990's multi-platinum selling singing group, Color Me Badd. For the eight years I spent traveling and performing with the group, we experienced all of the things that the world considered a success: fame, fortune, females, and worldwide acclaim. Nevertheless, there was something missing in my life. I felt empty and lonely inside. On June 1, 1997, after having suffered from depression and reoccurring thoughts of ending my life, I cried out to God for change. He heard my cry and came to my rescue. At that moment, I realized that it took more than just knowing about Jesus to be saved, it took actually knowing Him in a personal way. That day I committed to never turn my back on Him again. October 31, 1998, God called me out of the music industry and said, 'Follow Me.' I have been following Him ever since. He has called me to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, share my testimony with whomever will listen, and reach millions of souls through the gifts and talents He has provided me through music.

1.1 Praise God (Hallelujah!)
1.2 He's Alright
1.3 You Are My Joy
1.4 Conversion
1.5 How Deep Is Your Love
1.6 You Don't Have to Cry
1.7 The Full Armor of God
1.8 Oh Mommy
1.9 Know I Am God
1.10 As One
1.11 Paradise
1.12 My Tribute

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