Kgink: KG Ink 7

Kgink: KG Ink 7
Title: KG Ink 7
Label: CD Baby

1. Allegretto: Recorded in sync with Carlos Kleiber's Wiener Philharmonic (1976), this version of Beethoven's acclaimed 7th 2nd movement starts with two guitars ringing softly as the low melodic pattern of four guitars start to create the build of the continual low end foundation for the remainder of the movement. Then three trios of guitars, one after another, layer into the upper registry that all to build into the quieting end. (15 guitars) Like Tomita on guitar. 2. Animity Pop: A basic pop tune that floats along with a beautifully melodic multi-layered guitar simplicity with an unknowable quality. (Guitar, Drums, Bass) Kind of U2 meets Peter Hammill. 3. Aphoristic Venture: Like a good saying, this is a beautifully melodic hard rocker with harmonic swells during the "verse" area & harmony classical lines during the "chorus". In the middle I quiet down the elements to let the harmonies shine - like a good aphorism. In this one I hear Bob Mould (Black Sheets Of Rain) meets the Ventures. (Guitars, Drums, Bass) 4. The Furies: This is just two guitars, a fretless bass, & a low synthesizer. I'm trying to let the silence in here & to let the bends build in a quiet fury. Reminds me of Neil Young's tone with the subtlety of the early Velvet Underground. 5. Indefatigable: An ambient electronic soundscape opens into a progressive time signature of guitar, drum, bass, & unrelenting electronica. (Synthesizers, Guitars, Drums, Bass) I see it as an ode to the many 70's space progressive rockers that I love like Gong & Eloy. 6. Just A Clue Stick: I walk up to the microphone and sit on the stool - Two acoustic guitars (or more), a hi-hat & an electric guitar lead. A serious tone, building into oblivion. W. Ackerman meets S. Tibbetts. 7. Mechanical Engineering: This is all electronic fun - thus, mechanical engineering. Kraftwerk meets They Might Be Giants. 8. Musical Amphiboly: This is a kind of jazz/blues/hard-rock anthem with a far-out improvised lead filling in the gaps. (Guitars, Drums, Bass & some synthetic percussion) A kind of ambitious musical bit of pop in the vein of R. Trower meets The Rolling Stones. 9. Perpetunm Mobile: Everything except for the guitars/bass is electronic. Great energy here, in the vein of KMFDM or Ministry. 10. Quark Of Sorrow: This is two classical guitar parts - the first, a solo work, and the second, two stereo tracks. It has a kind of spacey sorrowful feel. In the spirit of Segovia with a Vangelis/J.M. Jarre mix. 11. Runic Antigone: A huge amount of elements are cramped into this unsettling generator. Starting with drums, bass & lead/chords, building into a subtle rock pop pace, with a few comedic extremities, rebuilding into a myriad of guitars, drum & chord backbeats, into a melodic duo classical lead, and then refraining into the beginning with lead guitars and ending with a crash. (Guitars, Bass, Drums) Reminds me of Fleetwood Mac meets R. Fripp/Manzanera. 12. Sculpting Droopy: Duo bass lines with guitar feeding electronic elements leading into a kind of drooping mirage of sound. A kind of Eno meets D. Sylvian w/D. Torn. 13. Two Blue Drags: I used a drum and bass line to record a guitar idea based upon the same theme. I recorded each guitar independently - then put the drum & bass line together with the two guitar lines panned. It drags & it's bluesy - but a few interesting moments. The tail end tune is a drum machine & electric guitar recorded poorly - but I like the feel. Faces meets A. Belew. 14. Zazzy Reprise "Metallegro" B.Toven's 7th 2nd: This is the same as the first song here on the CD only mixed heavier/metal.

1.1 Allegretto (L. V. Beethoven's 7th 2nd Movement)
1.2 Animity Pop
1.3 Aphoristic Venture
1.4 The Furies
1.5 Indefatigable
1.6 A Clue Stick
1.7 Mechanical Engineering
1.8 Musical Amphiboly
1.9 Perpetunm Mobile
1.10 Quark of Sorrow
1.11 Runic Antigone
1.12 Sculpting Droopy
1.13 Two Blue Drags
1.14 Zazzy Reprise "Metallegro" (B. Toven's 7th 2nd)

Kgink: KG Ink 7

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