Khanimambo: Moreira Chonguica Homenageia Lendas De

Khanimambo: Moreira Chonguica Homenageia Lendas De: Khanimambo: Moreira Chonguica Homenageia Lendas de

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Product Type: CD

Title: Khanimambo: Moreira Chonguica Homenageia Lendas de
Label: CD Baby

KHANIMAMBO: Moreira Chonguica homenageia lendas de Mocambique Vol 1(Moreira Chonguica honours the Legends of Mozambique Vol1) - is a collection of artists from Mozambique who are all still alive. Their styles are all very different but they have all had an influence on the fabric pattern of Mozambican arts and culture over the years. These wonderful artists gave Moreira their songs to be re-arranged and re-produced. They all have wonderful stories to tell. The interludios inbetween some of the songs is the artists 'chatter' before beginning their song. Some are still performing, some are just too old but their music will live on for a long long time. Khanimambo means thank you and is only one of many ways to say thank you in Mozambican Portuguese but it is the deepest form of thank you. It means thank you from the bottom of one's heart. Moreira was saying Thank You to these wonderful artists for their beautiful music. Khanimambo to all those who buy our record. Remember, you are buying a little bit of Mozambique and a little bit of Africa as well !

1.1 Nunumalane - Zena Bacar
1.2 Interludio - Chico Antonio
1.3 Tetego - Chico Antonio
1.4 A Idade Nao Perdoa - Chico Da Conceicao
1.5 Interludio - Aly Faque
1.6 Kano - Aly Faque
1.7 Interludio - Elvira Viegas
1.8 Xikala Vitu - Elvira Viegas
1.9 Interludio - Julia Mwito
1.10 Ulimwengu - Julia Mwito
1.11 Interludio - Wazimbo
1.12 Mambatxy - Wazimbo
1.13 Interludio - Xidiminguana
1.14 Nita Muka Hi Kwini - Xidiminguana
1.15 Interludio - Hortencio Langa
1.16 Valava Lovolo - Hortencio Langa
1.17 Interludio - Dilon Djindje
1.18 Imani Lweyi - Dilon Djindje

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