Kiara Geller

Kiara Geller: Kiara Geller

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Artist: Kiara Geller

Artist: Kiara Geller
Title: Kiara Geller

Kiara Geller has been a member of the Sugarplastic for more than half his life. His contributions as co-songwriter and bass player round out an already unique sound with more depth and focus. A life-long resident of Los Angeles, (his father was a hairdre. Tallboy records. 2005.

1.1 Future Reference
1.2 Motormouth/Lockjaw
1.3 All and Everything
1.4 Don't Throw It Away
1.5 Angelica
1.6 It's All Over
1.7 Fill You in
1.8 Good-Bye Miss 4th of July
1.9 Givin' in to You
1.10 The Make-Believer

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