Kid Icarus: Be My Echo

Kid Icarus: Be My Echo
Title: Be My Echo
Label: CD Baby

Rarely does and album come along that is so multi-faceted that it can duly incite the listener and honestly bewitch the critcs. Kid Icarus' 5th full length does just that before you can comprehend it's subtle complexities. Be My Echo doesn't make the customary 'indie rock nods' but rather clutches the whimsy of Robyn Hitchcock and Syd Barrett yet regrounds with a direct gaze similar to Lou Reed. It also manages to charm the listener with it's confounding instrumental passages that recall Love, Bevis Frond, and Can. An album that utilizes chiming 12 string guitars, echo-box harmonica, and vocal melodies to maximum effect!

1.1 Guess We Ate Too Much
1.2 Rotary Dial
1.3 The Confetti After the Party
1.4 La Petite Da Da
1.5 God Knows What She's Seen
1.6 You're An Unidentified Flying Object
1.7 The Squeeze
1.8 Painted By Numbers
1.9 X-Ray Technician
1.10 Perhaps She Was Perfect
1.11 Be My Echo
1.12 Petrified Forest
1.13 Meet Me on Via Roma
1.14 A Date with a Dentist
1.15 She Digs Turtle Soup
1.16 Broken Eyes
1.17 Her Silver Chalice
1.18 Combustion
1.19 Leave on a Light
1.20 Sea Song
1.21 Sea Song II
1.22 Tentacle Slips

Kid Icarus: Be My Echo

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