Kids / O.S.T.

Kids / O.S.T.: Kids (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Kids / O.S.T.

Artist: Kids / O.S.T.
Title: Kids (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Long out of print Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the controversial Larry Clark directed/Harmony Korine written 1995 film Kids about New York City teenagers navigating the worlds of sex and drugs during the height of the AIDS epidemic. The classic alt-rock soundtrack was overseen by Lou Barlow and features eight songs by his group Folk Implosion including hit single "Natural One," plus further tunes from Barlow's Sebadoh and disparate artists like Daniel Johnston, Slint and Lo-down.

1.1 Daniel Johnston - Casper
1.2 Deluxx Folk Implosion - Daddy Never Understood
1.3 Folk Implosion - Nothing Gonna Stop
1.4 Folk Implosion - Jenny's Theme
1.5 Folk Implosion - Simean Groove
1.6 Daniel Johnston - Casper the Friendly Ghost
1.7 Folk Implosion - Natural One
1.8 Sebadoh - Spoiled
1.9 Folk Implosion - Crash
1.10 Folk Implosion - Wet Stuff
1.11 Lo-Down - Mad Fright Night
1.12 Folk Implosion - Raise Thebells
1.13 Slint - Good Morning Captain

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