Kilbourne: Trial & Error

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kilbourne

Title: Trial & Error
Label: CD Baby

Trial & Error, the debut album of Milwaukee band Kilbourne, displays a dynamic blend of homegrown rock, blues, & soul with a side of evil genius. Blazing riffs and hooks galore come at you in songs like Eyes Awake and Kingdom, while hints of blues, funk and electronic music are spread throughout the album. Songwriter/guitarist Damian Keckeisen's talent shines from combining different styles and sounds into a perfect backdrop for a well written story. Tripping over the flowing guitars and melodies of the slower songs Chillan and Solitude, are the twisted lyrics of Aaron Hurst's vocals carrying the songs to another level. From the epic thrill ride of Whisper to the fun side of Kali Love and Batman, this album has a wide variety of influences well put together on a cohesive album. Trial & Error is a welcome ride into the world of Kilbourne. The story behind Kilbourne: Trial & Error It has come full circle or so the saying goes. This album started with me, playing around in my bedroom on a guitar I bought with paper route money. I got my first delay pedal and came up with my first cool riff, the basis for the first track 'Anyone'. I would bribe my friends with beer to come over and jam with me. In my mom's garage, we set up buckets and couch cushions for drums. My crappy guitar, a borrowed from the neighbor bass guitar and a vocal mic I stole from the Holiday Inn, were all run through an old Peavey bass amp. It sounded like crap, but I had my first band. Over the years, I upgraded band equipment, jammed with actual musicians and experimented with guitar sounds and textures. My riffs turned into jams, and eventually evolved into songs such as 'Solitude' and 'Kingdom'. It was finally time to find a singer. I met Aaron Hurst in 2010 after he answered an online ad. He came strolling in to the home base studio with contagious energy and a passion for the same musical influences. He came back a few days later with lyrics and a melody for 'Whisper'. It was an instant connection. Suddenly, these jams became songs and the band was born. We named Kilbourne after a street and founder of our hometown roots in Milwaukee. Kilbourne built up a local following playing some great gigs, while enduring a few disasters. We dialed in our musical style and arrangements as we played live with a rotating band lineup. Meanwhile, I was recording tracks for all the songs we wrote in my home studio. Many friends, venues, mistakes and ideas have come and gone ...and it all come back to just me, my guitar and this collection of songs. These are the Trials & Errors of Kilbourne.

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