Kill Cupid

Kill Cupid: Ok I'm Dying

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Artist: Kill Cupid

Artist: Kill Cupid
Title: Ok I'm Dying

Kill Cupid is a Seattle-based trio of transplants from all over the US. After many emails and jam sessions, Derrick Ruthless, David Doyle, and Gator joined forces in February of 2006 and began writing immediately, and had landed their first show at the famous El Corazon by mid-May. Soon thereafter, they were playing local staples such as The Central, The Funhouse, and the High Dive. Tired of \'love-struck pop music\', the name Kill Cupid was the perfect starting point for what the music would become. After a series of demos and split EPs, the band took time to write and record their first full length LP, titled \'OK, I\'m Dying...\', (a reference to family deaths and final conversations). The album deals with a variety of frustrations including \'scene\' kids, annoying know-it-alls, and modern religion. With a video for their first single \'Imposter\', a new LP, and a west coast tour in the works, Kill Cupid is only just getting started.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Race to the Red Light
1.3 Drone
1.4 Ruthless
1.5 ... And Scene!
1.6 Muerta Cupid
1.7 K(No)W Better
1.8 Rapture
1.9 Imposter
1.10 L-I-E
1.11 Countdown
1.12 It's Still Rock 'N Roll to Me
1.13 Exposure
1.14 Untitled Bonus Track 1
1.15 Untitled Bonus Track 2

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