Kill the Hippies

Kill the Hippies: Spasms in the New Age

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Artist: Kill the Hippies
Title: Spasms in the New Age

A slice of the 1990's Kent OH scene, this album sums up the brilliance of Kill the Hippies: quirky, fast, crunchy, and fresh. Punk but not oi, garage but not slop, it's rock that hits on the mundane magic of everyday life. Spasms in the New Age is the soundtrack to someone puking on your shoes, stale beer on a floor that's never been mopped, a wad of dirty one's from the door, a dish made out of an expired corn, a package of ramen noodles, two stalks of celery, dandelion greens, and something from the Asian foods store that you can't identify, all thrown together with low expectations, but in the end, it's a taste you'll never forget. This is the band's first full-length CD: originally released underground in 2000, it's finally back for the world to listen to. Together with the double-CD Erectospective, it's everything the band's released -- except for the amazingly cool new stuff.

1.1 Geritol Neutron Bomb
1.2 Stalin's Balloons
1.3 New Roman Empire
1.4 Kid Kisser
1.5 Gunshots on the Dancefloor
1.6 We Are the #1's
1.7 Atomic Playboy
1.8 Sit Down, Shut Up
1.9 Jobs R Butchery
1.10 Here Come the Gompers
1.11 Rock It Bite It
1.12 Life Is Swell
1.13 Night Control
1.14 Sterile Needles
1.15 Gimmie Somethin'
1.16 Sockets/I.D. Crisis
1.17 Brain That Wouldn't Die
1.18 I Hate Money
1.19 Infanticide
1.20 Public Lives
1.21 Bonfire for a Black Canary
1.22 Learn to Kill
1.23 Let's Start a Riot
1.24 Silver Guitar
1.25 Last Gate

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