Killing California: Ropeless Romantics

Killing California: Ropeless Romantics
Title: Ropeless Romantics
Label: CD Baby

AMP Magazine Low slung punk rock scraping the bottom of the barrel to obtain it's gritty, street-level sound describes Killing California. With nuances of Nashville Pussy, TSOL, The Bronx, and Black Flag rearing their heads throughout. Corazine Killing California hands out a blend of dirty whiskey rock, a dash of stoner, much punk and a blaze of hardcore in a sound that is both classic and innovation in a dirty mosh dance NoFrontTeeth-London KILLING CALIFORNIA remind me of a heavier SMUT PEDDLERS mixed with ZEKE and later AGNOSTIC FRONT.-Marko Automatic Skate Mag This sounds like punk rock the way I think it should sound-fast, aggressive, and raw but still proficient. It's like they're in a punk band because they love punk rock, not because it's their only option musically, y'know. The song structures are good, the pace is fierce, and the aggression and attitude are definetley there. TI like that they have a few sweet guitar solos, which, as a total metal guy, I fucking love. I also like that this is one of the better punk releases I've reviewed in a looooong time, and the band isn't all imaged out with liberty spikes, mohawks ans studded leather jackets. They're just regular dudes that might live next door, or come over to fix a hole in your drywall, yet ruling it with the heart of Black Flag at the hands of Motorhead.-Novak -HardFAstLoudRules magazine Angry tough hardcore that's is musuclar, tight and pretty melodic for the genre. Think the CRO-MAGS better moments, with a dash of the controlled speed and power of mid-period MDC. I'm not too fussed about this genre, but these guys do it real good. (RK) KSCU Loud Rock for CMJ ending Oct. 1st 1 KILLING CALIFORNIA Ropeless Romantics Breaklight Music KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10 for CMJ ending Sunday, October 22nd 1 KILLING CALIFORNIA Ropeless Romantics Breaklight Music.

1.1 Cowboys
1.2 Hung on a Pin
1.3 At Sea
1.4 Man in Black
1.5 Right Now
1.6 Self Medicated
1.7 Z Hawk
1.8 Romans
1.9 The Shake
1.10 The Hearse
1.11 Killing California

Killing California: Ropeless Romantics

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