Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong: The Shin Joong Hyun Sound Vol. 1 2 3

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Artist: Kim Hyun Joong

Artist: Kim Hyun Joong
Title: The Shin Joong Hyun Sound Vol. 1 2 3
Product Type: VINYL LP

Triple colored vinyl LP pressing. This collection contains albums from the colorful heyday of the Shin Joong-hyun sound, featuring not only the Bunny Girls, Joo-hyun, Min-ah, and the Golden Grapes, but also the diva of Korea's 1970s psychedelic music, Kim Jung-mi. The albums reflect the soul and psychedelic-inspired sounds of the times that paved the way for the rest of Korean pop culture. In this regard, this collection represents a set of masterpieces that will always have a treasured place in Korean pop music.

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