Kim Lamothe: Philodendron

Kim Lamothe: Philodendron
Title: Philodendron
Label: CD Baby

'Girl and a guitar, it seems simple, so simple it's almost off-putting, but Kim Lamothe's new album is the bee's knees. The Tiverton resident's guitar riffs seem to take you to new, unexpected places, her voice is fresh and just a bit weather-worn and jaded, and her sound is pared down. The song construction is simple, just that unusual, intelligent and seductive guitar riff, and a bass, but it lends a tired, straggling quality to her lyrics. When she jams, as in 'Suspend,' her sound opens up and becomes exultant. She doesn't quite pull off 'Wood and Coping,' which feels just a bit incomplete, but the album as a whole is anything but; it feels passionate and gripping, country and rocking, sub dued and intimate. The pick of the litter.' ~Matt Keefer, Mercury Magazine, Newport, RI 'Lamothe is an intense emotive performer - Melissa Ethridge's fire and Chrissy Hinde's cool with an angry punk rock streak.' ~sean McCarthy 'kim lamothe's driving & intricate guitar rhythms are expertly matched with hard-hitting poetic lyrics, & a tough as nails attitude that can turn into a sweet yearning whisper, all in the blink of a tearless eye.' ~allysen callery.

1.1 Monroe
1.2 Horse and Carraige
1.3 From Afar
1.4 Overdue
1.5 Window
1.6 Pine Trees
1.7 Wood and Coping
1.8 Suspend
1.9 Flower or Stone
1.10 Afloat
1.11 Daisy

Kim Lamothe: Philodendron

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