Kim Mills: Ruby & the Pearl

Kim Mills: Ruby & the Pearl
Title: Ruby & the Pearl
Label: CD Baby

Kim Mills' new CD will evoke the image of this guy sitting on a stool in a relaxed setting singing some really hip standards. No matter what commercial radio stations try to tell you, this is Cool Jazz. Cool Jazz is when you can sit back and close your eyes and connect with the performer. 'At a time when vocalists are publicly stating that they no longer enjoy doing standards, Kim Mills not only shows you that he enjoys doing them, but also that you should enjoy hearing him do them. With the veteran cast of sidemen backing him up, he settles in for a set that's relaxed but not dull. Ron Elliston's chord voicing and comping can make even a novice recording artist sound like he's got some mileage behind him. Add long-time band mates James King, bass and Mike Smith, drums and you've got more chemistry than most laboratories have. Next, put Fred Foss's flute in and you've got something really special.' (Ron Kearns - Ron Kearns Productions) East meets west on the title track, 'The Ruby and The Pearl,' with Ron Elliston's jazz arrangement, spiced with an 'eastern feel'. 'Corcovado' is delivered in velvety Portuguese and English. Other notable tracks on this album include a 'hip'-notic version of 'Nature Boy'; intimate ballads, 'The Nearness of You' and 'That's All'; an interesting rendering of Stanley Turrentine's, 'Sugar'; and a breezy, up-beat, bossa-swing, 'The Second Time Around'. Each track on this album has it's own personality. Kim Mills is originally from Mitchellville, Maryland. He has been honing his artistry since 2001 and continuing to refine his knowledge and skill in Jazz vocals. Since 2001 Kim has worked with local jazz musical talents Ronnie Wells-Elliston and Ron Elliston. Kim has sung at several local clubs in the Washington, DC area, including Twins Jazz Lounge. This debut CD is a collection of his favorite songs and he hopes that they, too, will become yours.

1.1 The Ruby and the Pearl
1.2 That's All
1.3 Corcovado/Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
1.4 I Only Have Eyes for You
1.5 Nature Boy
1.6 Tangerine
1.7 Whey You Wish Upon a Star
1.8 The Second Time Around
1.9 The Nearness of You
1.10 Sugar
1.11 Autumn Leaves/Les Feuilles Mortes

Kim Mills: Ruby & the Pearl

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