Kim Portnoy Trio

Kim Portnoy Trio: Great Day

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Artist: Kim Portnoy Trio
Title: Great Day

From Herb Drury: The magnitude of Kim Portnoy's jazz piano has been kept secret for several years. With this CD the secret has been disclosed. He is definitely a bright star and now it is for all to hear. Listen carefully to his melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic creativity throughout and take note of the way he combines the old with the new in a most masterful way. The selection of tunes is extremely unique and the arrangements delightfully full of surprises. Each one has a fresh and exciting aura about it that is rarely found in the jazz repertoire. Of course this CD is not just about Kim. Give an attentive ear to bassist Ric Vice with his hard swinging support in the ensemble sections and the lyrical singing qualities of his solos. And then there is drummer Clancy Newell who has such great 'time' and constantly contributes to the trio in a superb musical way. Having been Kim's friend and teacher for many, many years, I was sure this would be a 'knock your socks off ' CD, but I must admit, it is beyond my expectations. So, I say to all, 'Happy Listening' -and- by the way, have a Great Day! 'Portnoy ... has appeared frequently at Just Jazz as both a backing musician and a featured performer, and he has an instinctive ability to add just the right musical touch at the right time. - Terry Perkins, St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

1.1 Beyond the Sea
1.2 Morning Morgantown
1.3 Past Times
1.4 Flying Down to Rio
1.5 Never Never Land
1.6 Little Jazz Bird
1.7 Red Top
1.8 Minuet
1.9 In Your Own Sweet Way
1.10 Still Crazy After All These Years
1.11 Great Day

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