Kimalin: Unwrapped

Kimalin: Unwrapped
Title: Unwrapped
Label: CD Baby

Kimalin is ExcelRecords debut artist. The youngest of seven children with a dance school background in tap and jazz. She has the vocals to complete a star in the making. Kimalin has performed internationally in such countries as Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Spain, Italy, Egypt and Greece. Urban pop is the major sound of this album with some R&B, pop and light rap influences. From the soulful "you stole my heart"; to the laid back "margarita", to the hard driving "soldier", Kimalin offers a variety to almost suit any taste. Sit back, unwind and take a listen to track four with a nice ice cold salted margarita, take a cyber journey with track three, pick yourself up by your boot straps when life throws it's curves with the help of the inspirational track two. Reflect on a troubled world on track sixteen, forever love on track fifteen, a hopeful life long love on track fourteen, the power that love has on us all on tracks six, and nine, the hurtful effects of love lost on tracks eight, ten, and thirteen. Question where your relationship stands on track twelve and ladies cut lose from a non-committing eureka man ( human vacuum) with track five. Variety is the name of the game for Kimalin's "Unwrapped" CD. Like a present from a very special person, every listener needs to take their time and unwrap this gift of a lifetime. A plethora of thoughts and emotions flow from each song like water from an eternal stream bringing forth a different sentiment or feeling with each listeners own life experiences. Life has presented it's share of challenges to Kimalin and it's reflected in her music which is exemplified by her song "Mothers Love" which is her dedication to her mom who has cared for her thru the years. Kimalin was diagnosed when she was eight years old with juvenile diabetes. But her mother's strength and conviction made her encourage Kimalin to be strong, pursue her dreams and strive for greatness. The diabetes has presented it's share of problems and roadblocks with Kimalin being hospitalized countless times eventually culminating in a heart attack that forced a hurried open heart surgery in March of 2003, But true to form Kimalin has proved to be like cream, rising to the top! "Unwrapped" is proof to us all if you set realistic goals and persevere, almost nothing is unattainable.

1.1 My Love's Here for Ya
1.2 Soldier
1.3 Makin Love to Your Mind
1.4 Margarita
1.5 We Don't Need a Man
1.6 Only Love
1.7 Mother's Love
1.8 You Stole My Heart
1.9 Have You Ever Loved Someone
1.10 All By Myself
1.11 Love
1.12 I Need to Know
1.13 I Care for You
1.14 Dreams
1.15 I'll Be with You
1.16 Too Badd

Kimalin: Unwrapped

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