Kin: Kin Offerings-Rain from a Cloudless Sky

Kin: Kin Offerings-Rain from a Cloudless Sky
Title: Kin Offerings-Rain from a Cloudless Sky
Label: CD Baby

'Kin Offerings - Rain from a Cloudless Sky' is an offering of prayer in the form of music. These love songs are teachings, meditations and tributes to the Spirit and were received by band members for each other. They were recorded in January, 2006 to present to the world in the spirit of healing and peace. Here's a review: 'I just got the Kin Offerings CD...... so beautiful. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for whatever it took to bring you to this music, to bring the music through you, and to bring the music through you to me. It's helpful support in deepening the bond and remaining aligned. Thank you thank you thank you.' Jett Psaris, Ph.D. The Conscious Living Center The members of Kin are also among the founding members of the 'Peace Tribe Orchestra', a Santa Cruz band that holds regular concerts on every Solstice and Equinox. These concerts are becoming a local tradition. The Peace Tribe Orchestra appears regularly at music festivals in Northern California, including the Harmony Festival and Earthdance.

1.1 Intro Welcome to Our Hood
1.2 Got Yo Back
1.3 Do It Like
1.4 Snippet...A Day in the Hood
1.5 Wuz Habnin
1.6 Gangsta
1.7 Lil Homie
1.8 Yo Time to Go.Featuring Versatyle
1.9 Guy Like Me... Featuring Redgirl
1.10 Life
1.11 Snippit...Callin Hands
1.12 Callin Hands
1.13 Carry on
1.14 Showin on You
1.15 Follow Me
1.16 Hustle

Kin: Kin Offerings-Rain from a Cloudless Sky

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