Kinderjazz: Gazooba

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kinderjazz

Title: Gazooba
Label: CD Baby

Kinderjazz is a colourful, fun, acoustic jazz orchestra consisting of a female and male singer, three saxophones, two trumpets, a trombone, piano, double bass, drums and congas. Since 1997 we have been entertaining kids and families at a variety of festivals, concert halls, clubs and schools with one aim 'to have some part in improving the quality of music education from the earliest level' Gazooba features a trombone choir of six trombones and if you haven't heard this, please put it on your list of things to do before you die! We had so much fun recording these songs and children all over the world have come to love them. This CD has been especially popular with austistic children. We think it's because it's totally natural i.e no machine made sounds therefore no white noise. Music is such a release for children and for disabled kids can give them a quality of life not possible with anything else. My name is Christobel Llewellyn and it is my enormous privilege to manage this amazing band. We had a little 6 year old boy come to a Museum where we were playing in the city one day and he was clutching a huge dictionary of fish almost like a teddy. He was with his dad and as soon as the band started playing, he quickly gave his dictionary to his father and stood by the drummer and conga player. His father was close by watching his every move..... except that he didn't move one bit. For a full hour's concert he stood still next to a pumping Big Band in full flight!!! After the concert he pulled the shirt of the conga player and brought him down to his height, smiling to himself.....when Aykho, our latin percussionist crouched down to his level, this 6 yr old boy said in a very deliberate and slow voice..'When you played the drum, it made me happy.' His father had tears streaming down his face and I rushed over to find out what was wrong. I was told that this boy was autistic and had never spoken a word in his life, until now. He had never made eye contact with anyone or been able to listen to loud music without screaming for most of the day afterwards. After going home with all our CDs, it took him six months to speak normally. This was the power of music. You see, live music is physical and hits you in the face. The vibrations can change your day in a heart beat and remain with you for years to come. What we experience with our senses is our reality, our finite world but what we experience with our hearts is beyond this world....things we haven't seen yet or discovered yet. This is the world that music can access. Our senses may deceive us because of our prejudices or our intellectual capacity or our emotional past but our hearts never will. I sincerely hope you can buy our CDs and experience our lives shows for yourself and your children.

1.1 Gazooba
1.2 Chopsie McGregor
1.3 3 Cheers for Chopsie
1.4 Bundeena Bob
1.5 Cat Got Your Tongue
1.6 Wrong Note Tango
1.7 Crazy Conga Man
1.8 The Bone ; the Bach
1.9 Sleeping Beauty
1.10 Little Red Riding Hood
1.11 Frank
1.12 Goldilocks
1.13 Jack ; the Beanstalk
1.14 Meow Meow Blues
1.15 Black Cat Rumble
1.16 When a Little Crazy 'Bout My Home
1.17 The Bunny Bop
1.18 Five Hours
1.19 Give Me the Love
1.20 Sightreading Blues

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