Kindling: Spark the Fire

Kindling: Spark the Fire
Title: Spark the Fire
Label: CD Baby

Kindling spontaneously combusted one night at a church conference in Cincinnati the summer of 1996. What had been a private jam session suddenly became a public sing-along/concert when the conference's convention center was evacuated due to a supposed bomb threat; the musicians moved into the hotel lobby across the street and kept right on playing as friends and strangers gathered 'round. The impromptu concerts continued the next several nights and the group Kindling was born. Kindling's four members are a vibrant mixture of different backgrounds and wide-ranging geography. Steve Kinzie, currently a southern Californian, plays banjo and guitar. His gift for poetry, evident in his finely crafted songwriting, is also put to daily use teaching and tutoring college English. Shawn Kirchner, Steve's neighbor in California, plays piano, guitar, and melodica. He is skilled in diverse musical styles and draws on his background in classical music for his professional work as a composer, singer, and pianist. Lee Krahenbuhl, now hailing from Indiana, plays guitar, bouzouki, and saxophone. Lee's dramatic gifts spring to life onstage and serve him well in his career as a college communications and theatre professor. Peg Lehman plays autoharp and mountain dulcimer. She brings to Kindling many years of experience as a folk singer/songwriter in the Chicago area and is remembered for her lovely voice and touching melodies. Kindling's music combines elements of folk, bluegrass, and gospel. It's themes are those of the spiritual journey and the hope for peace, justice, and acceptance. Listening to Kindling is food for the soul and a spark for the spirit's fire.

1.1 Where Everything Is Music
1.2 Wade on in
1.3 Separate Rooms
1.4 Kaddish
1.5 Rain Come Down
1.6 Chains of Hate
1.7 New Ways to Praise
1.8 Living in Between
1.9 Hand of the Artist
1.10 Child of God
1.11 Christ Has No Body But Yours
1.12 All That Remains Is the Love

Kindling: Spark the Fire

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