King Diamond

King Diamond: Songs For The Dead Live

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Artist: King Diamond

Artist: King Diamond
Title: Songs For The Dead Live
Product Type: VINYL LP

"Songs for the Dead" is King Diamond's highly anticipated LIVE release for entire generations of heavy metal enthusiasts, many of whom have yet to experience one of King Diamond's monumental live performances in person. Filmed & recorded live in concert in the US and Belgium, "Songs for the Dead" is the commercial offering of King Diamond's 2015 tour "Abigail In Concert". All the bases are covered, with two full concerts shot in their entirety, one from the US, and another from the European festival circuit in 2016. King Diamond's full stage and lighting production are on display in this masterfully pro-shot package.

1.1 Out from the Asylum
1.2 Welcome Home
1.3 Sleepless Nights
1.4 Eye of the Witch
1.5 Halloween
1.6 Melissa
1.7 Come to the Sabbath
1.8 Them
2.1 Funeral
2.2 Arrival
2.3 A Mansion in Darkness
2.4 The Family Ghost
2.5 The 7th Day of July 1777
2.6 Omens
2.7 The Possession
2.8 Abigail
2.9 Black Horsemen
2.10 Insa

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