King Kong Magnetics

King Kong Magnetics: Futuristic Money Makers

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Artist: King Kong Magnetics
Title: Futuristic Money Makers

On first listen you may be tempted to cast it away as offensive jetsam of the mind. Listen again, though--do you hear that? It's King Kong Magnetics, the satirical hip-hop group that clearly loves and harshly lampoons the staples of the rap genre at every turn. Perhaps it is most important to keep in mind that this is music made in a spirit of love and fun, and that is how it is to be enjoyed. Don't take the message too seriously and hopefully you'll find yourself enjoying it, too.

1.1 Rap Sensations
1.2 Off Ye Cool
1.3 Do It Big
1.4 Crisp Money Sex
1.5 Ass Ass Ass Face Face Face
1.6 Rock and Roll
1.7 Fast Lane High
1.8 Press Conference
1.9 Hay U Strippers
1.10 I Like Money
1.11 Gary Jaggoff (Laid Back in Da Crib)
1.12 Nothin' to Say
1.13 Futuristic Money Makers
1.14 All About Myself Mayne
1.15 Yo Girl
1.16 Fuck Tab
1.17 Real Estate Pimpin'
1.18 Sweet N' Sour
1.19 [Untitled Track]
1.20 [Untitled Track]
1.21 [Untitled Track]
1.22 [Untitled Track]
1.23 [Untitled Track]
1.24 [Untitled Track]
1.25 [Untitled Track]
1.26 [Untitled Track]
1.27 [Untitled Track]
1.28 [Untitled Track]
1.29 [Untitled Track]
1.30 [Untitled Track]
1.31 [Untitled Track]
1.32 [Untitled Track]
1.33 [Untitled Track]
1.34 [Untitled Track]
1.35 [Untitled Track]
1.36 [Untitled Track]

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