King Medallion / Arch Angel: Blak Majik

King Medallion / Arch Angel: Blak Majik
Title: Blak Majik
Label: Hip-Hop Enterprise

King Medallions vs Arch Angel - Blak Majik, a project many have looked for throughout the years and was shelved indefinitely until now! The epic Planet Asia (Cali Agents) and The Architect (Homeliss Derilex) collabo album from 2006 is a superb concept album with a musical vibe comparable to MF Doom's classic debut "Operation Doomsday". This release as well will be limited to only 300 copies so don't sleep!

1.1 Intro
1.2 Supanova
1.3 Blak Majik
1.4 Kausion Feat. Rasco
1.5 Tombstones
1.6 Tombstones Pt. 2
1.7 Malcom X Vs. Mr. Marcus
1.8 Claps
1.9 Non Stop-War Monger
1.10 This Is It
1.11 Science
1.12 X Files
1.13 Stay Feat. Sam 7
1.14 Fallacies Feat. Del the Funky Homosapien
1.15 Precedent
1.16 Switch Feat. Halekost
1.17 Omega
1.18 Arch Angel Outro

King Medallion / Arch Angel: Blak Majik

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