King Vidor

King Vidor: Dirty Little Millionaire

$14.60 $16.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: King Vidor

Title: Dirty Little Millionaire
Label: CD Baby

DIRTY LITTLE MILLIONAIRE UPDATE: 200 copies of this self-produced record were made and fewer than 10 are left for purchase. Buy this ultra-rare record now or live with remorse. Folk rock gargage pop green metal glam slop.

1.1 Chinatown
1.2 In the Stalls
1.3 Broken Days
1.4 Goodbye Tuesday
1.5 O Mama, I Need Love
1.6 Meet Me at the Movies
1.7 No Headphones
1.8 I Wanted Everything But I Gotnone
1.9 Winter Is Old
1.10 Soon Would Be Nice, Never'd Be Better
1.11 Driver Take Me Home
1.12 Invisible Movie

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