Kingery: What Lies Beneath

Kingery: What Lies Beneath
Title: What Lies Beneath
Label: CD Baby

Kingery's first full album release is built on big sounds and diverse styles that aim to please and keep you wondering where it will go next. The ambitious recording is used as a great back drop for the positive lyrics of vocalist John Kush. Ed Jenke (Guitars) and Gene Jenke (Bass & Synths) challenge each other with winding rhythms & solos that chase and challenge each other to the outer limits. Mike Tucker (Drums) holds down the beat and keeps everyone in line. Kingery's emerging vision is one to look forward too and lose yourself in.

1.1 The Yield
1.2 Said ; Done
1.3 Something In-Between
1.4 The Way
1.5 No Illusions
1.6 Color Blind
1.7 One Day
1.8 Force of Nature
1.9 The Road Song

Kingery: What Lies Beneath

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