Kingmaker: Everything Changed 1991-1995

Kingmaker: Everything Changed 1991-1995
Title: Everything Changed 1991-1995
Label: Cherry Red

Five CD box set. Kingmaker were explosive 'new cool rock' and part of the pre-Brit Pop indie rock scene in the early 1990s. They were darlings of the alternative/indie music press, enjoying modest chart success for several years, making appearances on Top of the Pops, touring the world relentlessly and featuring on festival stages across Europe. Everything Changed is the definitive Kingmaker document. This is the most complete collection of Kingmaker's recordings available: a comprehensive 5 CD set of almost 90 tracks, combining the band's three studio albums Eat Yourself Whole (1991), Sleepwalking (1993) and In The Best Possible Taste (1995) along with two CDs packed full of bonus material. Kingmaker released 10 singles / EP's during the period 1991-1995 signed to Chrysalis. This collection features B-sides and extra tracks, with 13 recordings appearing on CD for the first time in the UK, including the U. S. remix of 'Really Scrape The Sky' by Thompson & Barbiero. Everything Changed has been made with the full cooperation of the band and includes photographs and memorabilia from their personal archives that are featured within the accompanying 28-page booklet. Each CD comes in a paper wallet featuring original album and single artwork. Alongside a full UK discography there are sleeve notes written by bassist, Myles Howell.

1.1 Revelation
1.2 Really Scrape the Sky
1.3 Two Headed, Yellow Bellied Hole Digger
1.4 Hard Times
1.5 Loveless/Defamed
1.6 Freewheeling
1.7 When Lucy's Down
1.8 Wave
1.9 Lady Shakespeare's Bomb
1.10 Everything in Life
1.11 High As a Kite
1.12 Where You Stand (Bonus Track)
1.13 Join the Human Race (Bonus Track)
1.14 This Time This Town This Sea (Bonus Track)
1.15 Wonderful Garden (Bonus Track)
1.16 Pockets of St. Malachi (Live) (Bonus Track)
1.17 Really Scrape the Sky (Single Version) (Bonus Track)
1.18 Revelation (Bombay Mix) (Bonus Track)
2.1 Playground Brutality
2.2 Armchair Anarchist
2.3 Queen Jane
2.4 Sad to See You Go
2.5 Help Yourself
2.6 Tomorrow's World
2.7 Ten Years Asleep
2.8 Honesty Kills
2.9 Sequinned Thug
2.10 Sleepwalking in the Five O'Clock Shadow
2.11 Stay Free
2.12 Pyromaniacs Anonymous
2.13 Eat Yourself Whole (Bonus Track)
2.14 Pyjama Girl (Bonus Track)
2.15 Highway's Gate (Bonus Track)
2.16 Everything's Changed (Since You've Been to London) (Bonus Track)
2.17 Kissing Under Anaesthetic (Bonus Track)
2.18 Stained and Sinking Fast (Bonus Track)
3.1 Genuine Liar
3.2 Lady Madonna
3.3 When Lucy's Down (Live)
3.4 Shiver
3.5 High As a Kite (Live)
3.6 Hard Times (Live)
3.7 Broadmoor Hotel
3.8 Don't Come Over
3.9 I'm in Love
3.10 Queen Jane (E.P. Version)
3.11 Your Place
3.12 Electric Sue
3.13 No Way Out
3.14 Sequinned Thug ('92 Version)
3.15 Sick and Angry Children
3.16 Flesh Phobia
3.17 Saturday's Not What It Used to Be
3.18 Armchair Anarchist (Live)
3.19 Highway's Gate (Live)
3.20 Freewheeling (Live)
4.1 In the Best Possible Taste (Part 2)
4.2 You and I Will Never See Things Eye to Eye
4.3 Hey, Birdman
4.4 Frustrated Gangster
4.5 Story of My Life
4.6 Sometimes I Think She Takes Me Along Just for the Ride
4.7 One False Move
4.8 Side By Side
4.9 A Fool Like You
4.10 End of the Line
4.11 In the Best Possible Taste (Part 1)
4.12 Backroom Boys (Bonus Track)
4.13 Another Bad Dose of Home Truths (Bonus Track)
4.14 Dissatisfaction Guaranteed (Bonus Track)
4.15 Amateur's Lullaby (Bonus Track)
5.1 If You Were Mine
5.2 Friends in Low Places
5.3 S*T*A*R*
5.4 Warm Heart, Cold Feet
5.5 You and I Will Never See Things Eye to Eye (Single Edit)
5.6 Bitch of a Son
5.7 You of All People
5.8 Everything's Changed Since You've Been to London) (Live)
5.9 Eat Yourself Whole (Live)
5.10 Every Teenage Suicide (Live)
5.11 Really Scrape the Sky (Thompson / Barbiero Mix)
5.12 Every Teenage Suicide
5.13 Strip Away
5.14 Never Too High to Fall
5.15 Lies Before Kisses
5.16 Loose Lips Sink Ships
5.17 Gimme Shelter

Kingmaker: Everything Changed 1991-1995

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