Kings Caravan

Kings Caravan: Circus Maximus

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kings Caravan

Title: Circus Maximus
Label: CD Baby

Circus Maximus the debut album from the band Kings Caravan brings together a wide range of musical influences to create an innovative new sound from hard rocking jams to passionate ballads. A Portland based band with an all-star cast consisting of Drummer, Jeff Strawbridge (The Strangetones) Bass, Pat Dooney (Rhythm Jones) Guitar, Mike Spicer (Bingotherapy) and Vocals/Guitar, Brian Baker (Saturated Fat) meld their talents in this new group of sensational original music.

1.1 Viking Fantasy
1.2 Little Rivers
1.3 Strange
1.4 Simple Wish
1.5 Guayaquil
1.6 Only Once
1.7 Beggar Man
1.8 Wreckage
1.9 Chaps
1.10 Back on Top
1.11 One More Time
1.12 Tonight I Want to Be Your Everything

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