King's Crown: Kings Crown

Title: Kings Crown
Label: CD Baby

King\'s Crown is a new band with their debut CD. scheduled for release in early Spring of \'08. Their mission is to produce world class Rock-n-Roll with the message of Jesus Christ. The band may be new, but it\'s members are veterans of the Rock world. Dadion (guitar), and Shelly (drums) have a friendship that goes as far back as 1982. Dadion was just out of high school and in a band called The Strokers, and Shelly was drumming for Axeworthy. The two bands were at the top of the game in Richmond, VA. at the time, and both touring the east coast circuit full time. In 1984 The Strokers let their drummer go and hired Shelly. From that time on the musical bond was forged. After The Strokers, Dadion went out on the road with a funk rock band with former members of Parliament Funkedelic. After a year or so he decided to come back to Richmond, and rejoin forces with Shelly. The two spent the next few years polishing original material, recording, and playing shows under the name Hot Trigger. They had a great following of loyal fans yet they both felt something was not quite right. Drugs and alcohol were taking their toll. One night after finishing a show at The Omni New Daisy in Memphis, they were offered a record deal on a major label. This is what they both had been working so hard for, and yet it all seemed flat. Drugs were as important as anything else, and led to arguements and fights constantly, and an apathetic attitude amongst the band members. It had gotten to the point where they would go nowhere or do anything unless they were in the zone. You\'ve heard the story before. Not long after turning down the deal the band broke up, Dadion and Shelly going into a semi- retirement. Years started to go by and the phone calls between the two became less and less. Dadion later re-united with the singer from The Strokers, did some shows and a new CD, and really got the fire burning again. Dadion by this time had emassed a library of original tunes, and wanted very much to do a CD of his own. Having grown up in the Assemblies of God church, much of the material had a constant theme. Faith, Hope, Love, caring for the least amongst you...the teachings of Jesus. Wouldn\'t it be cool to put out a CD that absolutely ROCKS, and has THAT for it\'s message? Dadion discussed the idea with Brian at Stormkloud Studios and all but put the time on the calendar. Next he had a heart to heart with Mike Temple, a very talented bassist who had played for the reunion Strokers as well as the Richmond band Zag Man Zig. Mike agreed to be onboard, but there were other peices that needed to fall into place. Moving ahead on faith Dadion, began fine- tuning the lyrics and preparing for the studio. One evening the phone rang and it was Shelly. After more than ten years. Shelly began to tell of how he had come to know Jesus, had gotten saved, and was happier than he had ever been. It didn\'t take long for the subject of music, and recording to come up. Shelly explained that he had his desire to play again, and this time for all the right reasons, and that Dadion was his only choice. It was instantly obvious within minutes of conversation that God was at work here. The first time Shelly and Dadion got back together on guitar and drums after all the years apart, it was like they had merely been put on \'pause\', and someone took the pause button off and the music contenued. Now they needed a lead vocalist. Within a couple weeks, a phone call Dadion made to a song service leader at a local church led them to Eddie. Eddie walked into Dadion\'s home studio and began singing acappella \'I know a man, who can take away your pain, I know a man, who can take away your pain, I know a man, who can take away your pain you see, He took mine away...\' His voice was GREAT. The song was great too, and he wrote it. He also plays guitar very well. With all thanks to God, King\'s Crown is born. As for those who contenue to live the drugs and party lifestyle, we pray for you- we WERE you. We are also here to serve notice; you do not have an exclusive on Hard Rock music. One dosen\'t have to \'sell out\' to have relationship with God. God blesses those who help themselves, others, and those that Rock for Christ\'s Sake. King\'s Crown\'s self titled is now available! We strongly hope you will enjoy, and feel the presence of God in every track. Peace and God bless.

1.1 Introduction [Instrumental]
1.2 For Christ's Sake
1.3 Can't Keep Me Down
1.4 One More Day
1.5 I Know a Man
1.6 Passion Statement
1.7 Like Jesus
1.8 The Plan
1.9 Victory [Instrumental]
1.10 My Sweet Jesus
1.11 Intdels
1.12 A Raging Fool
1.13 There's a Place
1.14 There's a Place, Pt. 2 (Find My Way Home)

King's Crown: Kings Crown

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