Kink: Fantasia

$13.74 $15.98
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Kink

Title: Fantasia
Label: Pets Recordings
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Bulgarian live specialist and techno innovator Kink is known for his releases on labels including Ovum and Macro, who released his 2014 full-length Under Destruction (MACROM 038 CD/LP). "Fantasia" is a brooding and slow burning track with a synth line that goes from rubbery to acidic. Around it, patient percussion, deep, warm kicks, and breathy female vocals add a sense of sexual tension before Kink's trademark colorful synth freakiness finally takes over. Truncate's remix is more urgent and techno-leaning, with paranoid, siren-like hooks, scurrying basslines, and lots of ravey warehouse intent. B-side features ten locked grooves.

1.1 Fantasia (Original Mix)
1.2 Fantasia (Truncate Remix) Remix – Truncate
2.1 Leploop Techno 1 (Vinyl Only Locked Loops)
2.2 Leploop Techno 2 (Vinyl Only Locked Loops)
2.3 Leploop Techno 3 (Vinyl Only Locked Loops)
2.4 Leploop Techno 4 (Vinyl Only Locked Loops)
2.5 Leploop Techno 5 (Vinyl Only Locked Loops)
2.6 Loop Techno (Vinyl Only Locked Loops)
2.7 Loop Fantasia Bass (Vinyl Only Locked Loops)
2.8 Under D1 (Vinyl Only Locked Loops)
2.9 Under D3 (Vinyl Only Locked Loops)
2.10 Under D4 (Vinyl Only Locked Loops)

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