Kitty Wells

Kitty Wells: 20 All Time Greatest Hits

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Artist: Kitty Wells

Artist: Kitty Wells
Title: 20 All Time Greatest Hits

1.1 Heartbreak USA
1.2 Makin' Believe
1.3 Will Your Lawyer Talk to God
1.4 It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
1.5 Lonely Side of Town
1.6 I'm Paying for That Back Street Affair
1.7 Meanwhile Down at Joe's
1.8 She's No Angel
1.9 Release Me
1.10 From Left to Right
1.11 I'll Always Be Your Fraulein
1.12 Whose Shoulder Will You Cry on
1.13 Amig's Guitar
1.14 Mommy for a Day
1.15 I Gave My Wedding Dress Away
1.16 How Far Is Heaven
1.17 Searching (For Someone Like You)
1.18 This White Circle on My Finger
1.19 I Don't Claim to Be An Angel
1.20 I Heard the Juke Box Playing

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