Klami / Hoglund / Ylonen

Klami / Hoglund / Ylonen: Chamber Music By Uuno Klami

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Title: Chamber Music By Uuno Klami
Label: Alba

Though Finnish composer Uuno Klami is nowadays best known for his large-scale orchestral works, those for smaller ensembles are an important category in his output, and these less flamboyant works would sometimes reveal new aspects of their composer. The Uuno Klami Ensemble was formed in 2016 for the performance and recording of chamber music by Uuno Klami. It's leader is pianist Esa Ylonen and it's members vary according to need, but they all have years of experience of playing together and especially the music of Klami. Ylönen's interest in Uuno Klami dates right back to his childhood. He is particularly fired by the fine French ambiance of the music by Klami inspired by the sea and Klami's ability to combine Finnish features with European. Ylönen is Chairman of the Uuno Klami Society. In 2017, Fennica Gehrman published a collection of Klami's piano pieces edited by him and in 2018 organ arrangements by him of piano pieces by Klami. With Sirkku Mantere he released a world premiere recording of works for piano and for violin and piano by Uuno Klami on the Alba Records label in 2013. In 2020, the 120th anniversary of Klami's birth, Gehrman is publishing chamber works by Klami edited by Esa Ylo¨nen and Eero Kesti.

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