Klasse Kriminale

Klasse Kriminale: Faccia a Faccia

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Artist: Klasse Kriminale
Title: Faccia a Faccia
Product Type: VINYL LP

One of the longest running punk bands in Italy, Klasse Kriminale were founded in 1985 by leader Marco Balestrino, a singer, fanzine-editor and label-manager, whose role in the skinhead scene over the past 25 years has been somewhat crucial. Influenced by early Reggae, '82-era UK Oi!, and Punk, but also following in the footsteps of Italian skinhead pioneers Nabat and Rough (90% of their songs are typically sung in Italian), Klasse Kriminale's career has been long and scattered with success.Originally released on the New Rose sub-label, Division Nada (run by Berurier Noir's singer Francois), and long out of print, it's about time that their classic Faccia a faccia from 1991 becomes available on vinyl again, with it's original and extremely distinctive Alteau artwork.

1.1 Mangia I Ricchi
1.2 Quanti Altri Come Te
1.3 Si Beve E Si Ride
1.4 Oi! Siamo Tu Ed Io Vincenti
1.5 Runnin' Riot
1.6 Politicanti
1.7 So Che Sono Lo Stesso
1.8 Lungo Il Fiume
1.9 Ragazzi Come Tu E Me
1.10 Uniti Sempre Divisi Mai
1.11 Leggi
1.12 Faccia a Faccia
1.13 Cow-Punk Simphony
1.14 Johnny Too Bad

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