Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze: Dark Side Of The Moog Vol 5.: Psychedelic Brunch

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Artist: Klaus Schulze

Artist: Klaus Schulze
Title: Dark Side Of The Moog Vol 5.: Psychedelic Brunch
Product Type: VINYL LP

The collaboration between influential German artists Klaus Schulze and Pete Namlook led to the famous The Dark Side of the Moog series. The fifth volume in the series consists of the song 'Psychedelic Brunch', split into 8 parts. It's one of the calmer albums, featuring Bill Laswell as an extra composer. It starts with a 14-second intro by the master, Robert Moog, himself. The sound design is amazing and offers everything from ambience, atmospheres and sequences. The mellotron and psychedelic parts showing the different perceptions of the composers. The pioneering composer Klaus Schulze created over 60 albums during his career, which started back in 1969. Pete Namlook is another German composer, who played an important role in the increasing popularity of electronic music.

1.1 Part I
1.2 Part II
1.3 Part III
1.4 Part IV
1.5 Part V
2.1 Part VI
2.2 Part VII
2.3 Part VIII

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