Knever: Dead By Design

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Knever

Title: Dead By Design
Label: CD Baby

Knever is... Jason Ourso - Vocals Rusty Laughlin - Guitar Aaron Bordelon - Bass Jon Maher - Drums CALLUSED by Jason Ourso 'to sum up the last few years of our lives one page would be impossible' So much has happened that has in turn shaped both us and the diverse music around us.  In addition to the south's booming electronica (techno)scene and the obvious southern hip hop explosion, many of the local venues started block booking alternative cover bands.  Although the Cover band-club scene has always pulled in a decent crowd in Baton Rouge, it wasn't until roughly 4 years ago when popular venues such as the Caterie began a trend of only booking Top 40 cover bands.  Many other venues followed the Caterie's lead while other new clubs sprang up sharing the same philosophy, music as a business.  Though I cannot condemn anyone for making money, one thing is certain about the decisions, the crowds at these, and many other venues began to change.  By narrowing the music to pop radio the crowd became more homogenous and devoted. Flourishing Musical venues slowly mutated in to exclusive hang out spots for LSU Fraternities and drug dealers abound.  In an environment such as this it has been difficult for any original Heavy Metal act to receive support. Growing up in the Baton Rouge/Walker area or all of Louisiana for that matter,has been tough. Besides tipping cows and hanging at the local mall, there is notmuch to do in our state. People's attitudes in LA vary, some of the locals aremore open minded than others but the general consensus consists of Racist,Southern Baptist hypocrites. This creates much turmoil for those who try todetach from conformity and do their own thing in life. The artist and musicians who have often put a city on the map do not thrive here and sometimes encounter persecution for their work. Because of this, our area itself has been given no support in it's arts and has in turn made the people of LA a boring, and generally closed minded society. Living among all this boredom and persecution sometimes forms a sense of radical and rebellious art which rips into the listener (or viewer) and touches them more than the everyday 'bubble gum' pop of the mainstream.  This is our world, our struggle.  All of These circumstances gave birth to what has become Knever.

1.1 Cold Sleep
1.2 Sinthetic
1.3 #5
1.4 Suffer the Change
1.5 Inside Out
1.6 What I Am
1.7 Hyena
1.8 Absolut Power
1.9 Sever the Wicked
1.10 Joshua
1.11 Happy Birthday
1.12 Bury Me in Space

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