Knights of the Occasional Table

Knights of the Occasional Table: Raw Deal

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Product Type: CD

Title: Raw Deal
Label: Jungle Records

2012 release, a collection of track from the first three albums from the revered Anglo-Swiss-Italian outfit based in Zurich. Fronted by English exile slap-bassist and vocalist Oliver Baroni and Italian/Swiss songstress Emanuela Hutter, immaculately backed by English guitarist Duncan James and Swiss drummer Luke 'The Puke' Weyerman, they unashamedly celebrate their retro rock and pop roots.

1.1 Maniac Lover
1.2 All I Can Do Is Cry
1.3 Chick Habit
1.4 Johnny Are You Gay?
1.5 Raw Deal
1.6 I'm Gonna Dry My Eyes
1.7 Clarksdale Boogie
1.8 Nothin' But You
1.9 Moonshine Song
1.10 Walk Italian
1.11 Live the Life
1.12 The Long Way Down
1.13 Brown Eyed Boy
1.14 Poupe de Cire
1.15 Poupe de Son

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