Knotted Cord

Knotted Cord: Moth-Shaped Flame

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Artist: Knotted Cord

Artist: Knotted Cord
Title: Moth-Shaped Flame

Knotted Cord is the band of Rebecca Keehner. Rebecca plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals. The band is located in Sacramento California, US. Knotted Cord's first release is Moth-Shaped Flame. The four songs relate to the album concept in the album liner notes as they go from bright to dark, unstructured to repetitive, a few instruments to many in layers, and soley instrumental to including vocals in harmony. A drumstick injury to Rebecca's head at the location of the third eye was part of the inspiration for this album. Knotted Cord is currently working on a full-length album.

1.1 And Yet
1.2 Constellation in Problem Formation
1.3 Panic Attack in Transparent Rose-Colored Layers
1.4 Balance Operation

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