Kokomo: Bigger Than Brando

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Artist: Kokomo

Artist: Kokomo
Title: Bigger Than Brando

Kokomo (originally "Kokomo Blues") are New Zealand's favourite blues & roots band, renowned for dynamic live shows and smart distinctive song-writing, as well as the band's unique harmonica-trumpet horn section. The band has toured extensively throughout New Zealand, performing at the country's major rock, blues, jazz and folk festivals, while releasing nine studio albums and a live CD & DVD. Bigger Than Brando is number ten. The band was formed in 1991 after a chance performance at the New Zealand National Jazz Festival. Derek Jacombs had been invited to present a set of solo blues and brought Grant Bullot to join him. The concert turned into a runaway success and they decided to form a full-time band to spread their love of acoustic blues. Later that year the band set out on the road with a "we play anywhere" policy, which saw them playing around 200 shows a year, everywhere from Great Barrier Island and the smallest country towns to Auckland's Aotea Centre. That set the scene for following years. Along the way Radio New Zealand has recorded five programmes focusing on Kokomo's music, and they have appeared from time to time on various TV channels. Kokomo's music has also been used as the soundtrack for projects as diverse as TV gardening shows and surfing videos. It has also featured on such popular programmes as Shortland Street and Jackson's Wharf. They have also played with and supported a number of overseas blues and jazz acts, including Georgie Fame, Roy Phillips (ex-Peddlers), Doug McLeod, Keb Mo, Mississippi Willie Foster, The LeRoi Brothers, Hans Theesink, New Orleans singer Lillian Boutte, Hawaiian steel wizard Ken Emerson, and legendary guitarist Amos Garrett (ex-Butterfield Blues Band). On the Kiwi front they have performed and toured with the likes of Hammond Gamble, Dragon, Jan Preston, Midge Marsden, Shona Laing, Barry Saunders, Mike Cooper and many others.

1.1 Vinegar Hill
1.2 (No One Was) Bigger Than Brando
1.3 I'll Do Anything
1.4 Ruby
1.5 Travel All Over the World
1.6 Waiting for a Sunny Day
1.7 Lightnin' Gold Tooth
1.8 Joe the Bartender
1.9 Homesick Blues
1.10 South Sea Song

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