Kol Shira

Kol Shira: New World

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Artist: Kol Shira

Artist: Kol Shira
Title: New World

This all-woman world music band performs their eclectic fusion of music live in their second CD. In a multitude of languages, the group features vocals, flute, guitar, piano, bass, cello and hand-held percussion. Jim Musser, music critic for the Iowa City Press Citizen, describes the band as "exquisite" and "wondrous." Michigan reviewer Jack Zaientz wrote Kol Shira is "lovely and passionate." You will be dazzled by their energy and style.

1.1 L'cha Dodi (Hebrew: Sabbath Bride)
1.2 Yo M'enamore D'un Aire (Ladino: I Was Swept Away By Love)
1.3 Kol Ha'olam Kulo (Hebrew: Voice of the World)
1.4 Avre Tu Puerta Cerrada (Ladino: Open Your Closed Door)
1.5 Un Queriendo Ser Dos (Spanish: One Yearning to Be Two)
1.6 Keren or (Hebrew: Ray of Light)
1.7 Mizmor L'david (Hebrew: Song of David)
1.8 Arvolikos D'almendra (Cuban Ladino: Almond Orchards)
1.9 Hamavdil (Hebrew ; Ladino: Separating)
1.10 Naci en Alamo (Spanish: I Was Born in Alamo)
1.11 Mai Naicuta in Pitesti (Romanian: My Naicuta of Pitesti)
1.12 Ekh Raz (Russian: Never Again)
1.13 Adio Querida (Ladino: Goodbye My Love)
1.14 La Ner (Sephardic Hebrew: The Candle)
1.15 Hija Mia (Ladino, Turkis Melody: My Daughter)
1.16 Henei Ma Tov (Hebrew: How Good)
1.17 Fel Shara (Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Englishl: Beautiful Girl)
1.18 O'Djila (Bosnian Gypsy: Sing)

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