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Kool 4 Life Entertainment: Kool 4 Life Entertainment : Moneyapolis Finest

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Title: Kool 4 Life Entertainment : Moneyapolis Finest
Label: CD Baby

Were just a local lable with the same goals as the next man. But we come alot tighter and hittin alot harder then some of these major lables. KOOL 4 LIFE is bringin to the table some raw talent and all you have to do is take a listen for your self. K4L has all types of flavor for your ears, like some r&b from the lady killa a.k.a. RUSH. Then we can hit'em hard with them lyrical assions B.I.M. these three brotha's are one of the tightest trios I have heard since the lox, no dout. And we give to the illest white boys to ever pick up a mic. Well to cut this short I know for a fact that we can hang with any lable out there track 4 track and rhyme 4 rhyme beleave that.

1.1 We Ain't Livin Right
1.2 Makin Moves
1.3 Saddle Up
1.4 Playin Wit Fire
1.5 Who Can I Trust
1.6 End the Pain
1.7 Let Me Kiss U
1.8 Skit
1.9 I Want U
1.10 Only If
1.11 Ghetto Preacher
1.12 Get That Cheddar
1.13 Calacole
1.14 Ghetto Dreams
1.15 Grind 4 Mine
1.16 Player Raciz
1.17 It's Kool 4 Life

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