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Kora Sylfa: Blinkal

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kora Sylfa

Title: Blinkal
Label: CD Baby

The Album: 1-Papillon (5'20) 2-Rollers (5'56) 3-Climats (5'56) 4-Ghost City (5'45) 5-Fear (6'53) 6-Le Film (6'34) 7-Blinkal (4'54) 8-Phase (6'08) Synthesizers, Composition & Arrangement : Kora Sylfa, except 'Fear': Synthesizers & Composition Willie Whakss, Arrangement Kora Sylfa Artwork : Kora Sylfa Kora's way of life Real player, no sampling. Just music, no chatting. Techno, disco, funk, jazzy or cool, whatever the groove she gets out of her synthesizers, Kora Sylfa and her universe enter your own without you even see it coming a mile off! So, take cover, pals! Here is a French muso from Paris, talented composer and keyboarder, who doesn't pick her nose and who's on the way to bring a new breath in the monotonous, unvarying and mushy music of the beginning of this new millennium! Born April 21, 1969, she's proud to be a Taurus, Capricorn ascendant and a Clay Cock according to Chinese astrology. Gosh, what a zoo! Especially studious and analytic, Kora is too whimsical, emotional and hedonist. At the same time, she's a bit touchy. And a bit fussy... What ? The others will write what they want ! But for the time being, this is MY wife and MY review! Where was I ? Oh yes... Lil' Kora was first registered for a national conservatory in order to learn... harp ! Genius are always misunderstood, anyway... At least, Kora was happy to have avoided the class of macrame! Obstinate, she joined up again the same conservatory at the age of 10, and finally learnt piano! Phew! But also minuet, waltz, curtsey and... how to bow out! After several years, she succeeded in studying within the CIM, a well-known parisian music school, and escaped from there six years later with a well-deserved medal honouring her merit as a composer and arranger in jazz and actual music. Not bad at all in a world where men are definitively wolves for women, eh? Despite human adversity and continuous cigarettes price increase (actually, she broke with cigs since a few years!), she played as a keyboarder in several intergalactic groups on Saturn, Mars, Titan but a little more often in Paris and suburbs and different places in France... Then Kora decided to go it alone and now wants to present to you her brand new CD! Available in every good butcher's shop for the ridiculous price of [censored because it's indecently cheap!] and more typically on CD Baby, one of the most famous online record stores, which she also signed up with for Digital Distribution. So the whole tracks of the album are available through a pay-per-download option on many sites. Moreover, Kora Sylfa features on the front page of Vitaminic' Spotlights since early 2003, category 'Electronic-dance/Others' in which she is in the top-10 of the more downloaded/streamed artists (among 700 or so!), and that in each of these countries: Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA. And now, because of her inescapable futur fans, Kora has gently accepted to answer a 'Love/Hate' interview! Ready? Go! Kora loves: me, our son, liberty, nature, the sea, Hawaiian shirts, salt-crystal lamps, cats and squirrels, narcissus, composers who swap stereotypes for inner sensations, the savoir-faire, Internet, adventure games, medieval era, elves, to grow gooseberries, Zen gardens, Stephen King, the Bogdanov brothers, futuristic films, films about crazy men, so 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', 'The Shining', 'As Good As It Gets' and so... Jack Nicholson (yes, you win)! Films about penitentiaries like 'Murder in the First' and 'The Shawshank Redemption', and others which talk about intelligent people, like 'A Beautiful Mind', 'Quiz Show' ... and series as 'Nash Bridges', 'Lost', 'Everybody Loves Raymond', 'Buffy', 'Six Feet Under'... Oddly, Kora loves music too! Amoung others: Al Jarreau, David Bowie, Moby, Toure Kunda, Lorie (joke!), Lyle Mays and music that sounds Irish like Jan Garbarek, Sharon Shannon... and higgledy-piggledy: the absurd, Jerry Lewis, William Turner, Raymond Moretti, Kandinski, Albator, Thorgal, fractals, Florida, the smell of ylang-ylang, sculpture, blushing clouds at sundown (what?), matches houses (she makes 'em so well!), papaya, walnut cakes, to play pinball, to play with Photoshop or with a Frisbee, and to play with me... Kora hates: Garden dwarfs, geraniums, football, embroidered linens, flares, puffed tops that make pregnant-looking, smoothed hairs, faked music, useless artists, greedy artists (aren't they the same?), Florent Pagny, Celine Dion, Chimene Badi (please somebody, help us!), stereotypes, misogyny, pretences, persons who talk for the sake, me (joke #2!), inner ugliness, advertising, advertising and advertising again, and garden dwarfs again, while we're at it! Guys with no personality, guys with no integrity, guys with no respectful, guys with no imagination, guys with no (censored too!), barren soils, milk, gingerbread (she really hates gingerbread, you know!) and candied fruits. I let you imagine a slice of gingerbread spread with candied fruits and dunked in milk! She also hates atmospheric pollution, noise pollution, socks pollution, navy blue, those who behave like sheep, social conventions, tyranny, laxity, moralizers, fundamentalists of all kinds (religious, politicians, dieticians...), trash atmospheres and garden dwarfs picking candied fruits in a football stadium! Do you have to know more? Willie Whakss 02/25/2006.

1.1 Papillon
1.2 Rollers
1.3 Climats
1.4 Ghost City
1.5 Fear
1.6 Le Film
1.7 Blinkal
1.8 Phase

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