Korsbarsfettera: Inuti Finns Utopi

Korsbarsfettera: Inuti Finns Utopi
Title: Inuti Finns Utopi
Label: Skulls & Flames Recs
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Swedish female punk rock band Körsbärsfettera formed in 2007, five self-learned chicks who together started a punk rock band, just for the fun of it. After a while they decided to do more and started to make a voice out there with the classic DIY punk spirit. A couple of old school demos was released before they released the debut album "Alla ska ha linne" in 2009. Three chords, lyrics on Swedish and a lot of energy give them the opportunity to do more club gigs, a lot of festivals, they, get air played on Swedish Radio - the word was out there in the punk scene of Sweden - Körsbärsfettera! After a while they decided to do a little break til the summer of 2015 when they released the EP "Fyra Veckor" with their new line-up and Körsbärsfettera was back for sure! Now in 2016 they will finally release the album "Inuti Finns Utopi". The concept is the same, 3 chords, lyrics in Swedish and a lot of pure rock n roll energy - enjoy.

1.1 Fyra Veckor
1.2 Skövde Stad
1.3 Kvinnor Upp Till Kamp
1.4 Sverige Rasar
1.5 Sluta Döma
1.6 Vardagen
1.7 Helgen ÄR HÄR
1.8 Utopi
1.9 Fin PÅ Ytan
1.10 Änglar Och Demoner
1.11 Känslokondomen
1.12 Efterfestdrottningen

Korsbarsfettera: Inuti Finns Utopi

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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