Koster / Coastline Paradox

Koster / Coastline Paradox: Welf & Eiger

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Koster / Coastline Paradox
Title: Welf & Eiger

Coastline Paradox is a young German, Austrian and Italian quintet. The ensemble was founded by Richard Köster in 2017. It's music is inspired and driven by the coastline paradox phenomenon that describes the counterintuitive observation that the coastline of a landmass does not have a well-defined length. The length depends in fact on the scale and method used to measure it. Because of it's fractal-like properties the length of every coastline is practically infinite. Along every coastline distance and diversity blend into something unique that can only be found right there. The closer you look at it, the more details you are going to find. The music of coastline paradox is at home in the border zone and dedicates itself to attention to detail. Excitement is where sea hits the shore, where the continent opens up into vastness. A place with sun and sand or storm and spray. A place to marvel. A place to listen carefully.

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