Krassimir: Popera

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Artist: Krassimir

Title: Popera
Label: CD Baby

A NEW STYLE TO TURN WORLD MUSIC ON IT'S EAR: KRASSIMIR INTRODUCES POPERA Krassimir is one of Bulgaria's most popular celebrities - an amazing singer with a top ten album, a famous mime artist, and an outspoken cultural advocate. A true male soprano with an impressive 4-octave range, Krassimir now steps onto the international stage with an evocative new album and a voice that is unlike anything you've ever heard. Popera was recorded and produced by William Tabanou who has worked with artists such as Avril Lavigne and Coolio. The first time he heard Krassimir perform live at the El Portal Theater he was immediately taken by his extraordinary talent. 'The moment I heard his voice I knew I had to work with him!' Krassimir and Tabanou recorded the album primarily at Jam Studios in West Hollywood, with additional recording done in the Czech Republic. They spent countless hours experimenting with various arrangements and compositional elements. The result is an incomparable record that fuses European pop and a contemporary symphonic sound with soaring melodies, poetic lyrics, and Krassimir's one of a kind voice. Popera follows in the footsteps of internationally acclaimed records like Enigma's MCMXC a.D and Sarah Brightman's La Luna, anchored by a truly innovative sound. The album features 10 original compositions in 4 languages - English, Spanish, Russian and Latin. Each song is an epic unto itself with Krassimir's mystical voice drawing the listener into every word. 'Madness of Greatness,' 'Bolero,' and 'Set Me Free' are marked by unforgettable anthems and thunderous, emotionally evocative choruses. Even the lighter songs on Popera, such as 'S.O.S.' or 'Ocean' are performed with their own dramatic intensity and a subtle bravado that can permeate even the most thick-skinned critic. In a recent visit to Bulgaria, Krassimir was moved by the powerful sights and sounds of his homeland. He wanted to record something that echoed his own experiences, while reflecting the need for inspiration and positivity he sees in the world today. 'With all the violence and destruction that exists out there, I wanted to make an album that above all, inspires emotion in people and encourages them to dig deeper. I think if anything can transcend our personal barriers, it's music.' On Popera, Krassimir explores the depths of the human psyche's struggle with love, triumph, longing, and loss. The third track, 'Memories,' a Spanish lament, is a powerful ode to all those who have died in recent tragedies and war. Like a great film soundtrack, Popera follows life's story in a dramatic, emotive way. Krassimir not only ventures outside the lines of conformity, but also works towards erasing them altogether. He reaches out to listeners in a special way, replacing traditional boundaries with an original, unique musical expression that audiences from all corners of the globe can embrace with equal candor. A BULGARIAN POP STAR IN THE AMERICAN MELTING POT: KRASSIMIR PROVES TALENT CROSSES BOUNDARIES NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE From the Art of Silence A New Vocal Star Rises... Krassimir's star began rising in his homeland at the early age of 9. As a young mime, he became well known in performance circles throughout Bulgaria and Eastern Europe as master of conveying ideas through body language. Helping him emerge from the art of silence was the great opera prima and vocal coach Penka Gekova who inspired him and thought him to master his newfound talent. With her training he was able to develop his gift. His first album, Silent Voices (1998), was a Bulgarian top ten hit. He performed extensively in some of the most prestigious venues in Europe mesmerizing audiences with impressive stage shows and his unique, one of a kind voice. As record sales soared and critics applauded, Krassimir was ready to move on to the next challenge. In 1999 Krassimir moved to Los Angeles, CA in search of something more. But the fame and renown he enjoyed as a pop star in his native country did not follow. So he started over. 'I worked as a pizza boy, and as a waiter. I clawed my way up the ladder and immersed myself in American culture, learning the language and the people.' When he began singing people immediately took notice. Singer and soul legend, Lionel Ritchie, was impressed: 'When I first heard his voice I thought it was computer enhanced or something. But when I heard him, it really blew me away. He is truly a rare talent.' Since his arrival in Los Angeles, Krassimir has been studying with the internationally renowned voice coach Kay Montgomery. He has appeared on primetime television programs including Alias, The Agency, and America's Most Wanted. He also works in film and commercials, and is a premier spokesman for his native Bulgaria's cultural legacy. Hearing Krassimir sing, one quickly realizes that a voice like his comes along once in a very great while. With an awe inspiring live set, and an impressive new record, it is only a matter of time before this rare talent breaks into the forefront of international music.

1.1 Bolero
1.2 Just Let It Be
1.3 Memories
1.4 S.O.S
1.5 Confession
1.6 Aria
1.7 Ocean
1.8 Madness of Greatness
1.9 You Are
1.10 Set Me Free

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