Kravelle: Kravelle

Kravelle: Kravelle
Title: Kravelle
Label: CD Baby

KRAVELLE Kravelle is not an ordinary band to be taken likely. With a mix of old and new and everything in between, there is a definite interest in Kravelle. Music is dead on solid with an emphasis on groove. The band consists of Tom Comfort (Vocals), Barry Rich (Guitar), Cirrus Bajo (Bass), and Tommy Hart (Drums). They came together out of the ashes of life's tragedies and they formed this thing called "KRAVELLE ". Originally called 'TC' from 2003-2005 and putting out two CD's entitled 'Heaven or Hell' and 'Explicit'. They felt that too many people were using this name and so they changed the name to "KRAVELLE ". They spent two years laying low and writing enough material for two full CD's. Not wanting to release it under the "TC" name although they had some moderate success, they released it under KRAVELLE. This is just the beginning for this group of unusual guys. The songs range from personal feelings about life, death, politics, war, religion, and even suicide. The musicians are not your typical average players. Kravelle music is played with heart, soul, feel and groove. Not technical at all, but very simple. There motto is "less is more", and this is true. All you have to do is listen to "Canticle Fair". It features an 11 (eleven) year old girl playing the piano to a basic groove. The whole feel is set in this way of thinking. Kravelle hopes that the listener will take the songs and make it fit their own personal life as it has for them.

1.1 Mystery
1.2 Be Sombody
1.3 The Bad Man
1.4 Heaven
1.5 Old Sckool
1.6 I Like It
1.7 Addiction
1.8 Run
1.9 Sudawudacuda
1.10 Nobody Cares
1.11 Who Are They
1.12 Been Sometime

Kravelle: Kravelle

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