Krigskontrast: Krigskontrast

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Krigskontrast

Artist: Krigskontrast
Title: Krigskontrast
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Seven inch vinyl single. Krigskontrast is a crust/punk/mangel band from Gefle, Sweden. In the year of 2006 Krigskontrast rose from the ashes to become a war machine to f*ck up the society. Three warriors filled with anger and hate, fighting against all kinds of fascism, sexism, homofobia and filthy rich bastards. Krigskontrast from Gävle deliver käng a la 1980. Think Mob 47, think Moderat Likvidation. Furious, fierce, brutal! Like a fistfight on the whole harsh and bleak society. The music, the lyrics are instant classics as the vinyl hits the pavement. Awesome! Do I really have to have to say that this EP is crucial for every crust punk collection? The war is at our doorstep.

1.1 Prostituerad Natur
1.2 Freedom
1.3 Acceptera/Tolerara
1.4 Lobotomi
1.5 Överkonsumtion
1.6 Falsk Tro
1.7 Konfrontation
1.8 Ideell Profit

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