Krishnananda and Amana: Healing Shame & Shock

Krishnananda and Amana: Healing Shame & Shock
Title: Healing Shame & Shock
Label: CD Baby

Most of us carry deep emotional wounds that strongly affects our life today. The most significant areas that these wounds affect in our life is in our love relationships and in expression our joy, creativity and aliveness. One such wound is the wound of shame. It can show itself as collapse, pushing, judgements, addiction and burn out. Another is the wound of fear and shock that can show itself as anxiety, irritability, avoidance and numbness. This CD contains two guided meditations to explore these wounds. The meditations are subtle transmissions for healing through understanding, feeling, love and acceptance.

1.1 Healing Shame ; Awakening Your Life Energy
1.2 Healing Shock ; Embracing Your Sensitivity

Krishnananda and Amana: Healing Shame & Shock

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