Krishnananda and Amana

Krishnananda and Amana: Living Your Vision

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Title: Living Your Vision
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Krishnananda (Thomas O. Trobe, M.D.) and Amana (Gitte Demant Trobe) lead seminars in many countries around the world on teaching people how to love themselves and how to have intimacy with another person. Their work, called "Learning Love Seminars", has developed out of Krishnananda's training in psychiatry, their experience as partners for twelve years and their many years meditating and being disciples of the enlightened master, Osho. His teachings of combining therapy and meditation continue to be a powerful inspiration in their work. They have developed a series of seminars which deal specifically with the problems that arise when people go deeper in intimacy and the wounds which sabotage people from living a rich, creative and fulfilling life. Krishnananda and Amana met in India where they were both working and meditating in the Osho's commune. Krishnananda has written two books describing his work and experiences - 'Face to Face with Fear- A Journey of Transforming Fear into Love" and "Stepping Out of Fear - Breaking the Identification with Our Emotional Child". The books are translated into 11 languages. He and Amana have written two books together, 'When Trust Fails and How We Recover IT - Learning to Trust Ourselves and Others' now available in English, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch. And "When Sex Becomes Vulnerable - How Sexuality Changes As Intimacy Deepens" soon to be published in the US, Germany, Sweden and Italy. They have also produced three other CDs similar to this one, each with two guided meditations. The first is called, 'Healing Shame and Shock', the second, 'Opening to Vulnerability' and 'Letting Go Into Aloneness', and the third is a dance CD called, 'Coming Alive' and 'Inner Space'. When not leading workshops around the world, they are at home in Sedona, Arizona.

1.1 Living Your Vision: A Guided Meditation
1.2 Living Your Vision: A Guided Meditation

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