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Kristen Black: Kristen Black

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kristen Black

Title: Kristen Black
Label: CD Baby

Kristen Black's debut release successfully manages to wrap up various styles of music in a sexy, witty, 'got to have' little package. From the straightforward rock/pop 'Fishing for soul' to the country/punk 'Love on drugs' to the psuedo jazzy/hard-driving beat of 'Mister Swing'; this CD has it all! The track 'Give me a minute' pulls influences from funk and blues, while 'Going home' definitely has a slight hint of gospel in it. There is one sad song, 'Sitting all alone' that might just make you cry, but the rest of the tunes are up-beat, rock-n-roll songs that complement Kristen's quirky sense of lyrical humor. Kristen states 'I was raised on one-quarter funk/blues, one-quarter swing, one-quarter rock-n-roll, and one-quarter punk. You throw them all together and voila!! You get Kristen Black. This has been a dream come true for me; a total labor of love! I might sound pissed off in some of my songs, but don't let it fool you. I am a very sweet girl and am definitely having the time of my life!' Bio: 'I used to steal my brother's guitar when I was a teen; I wanted to teach myself how to play. I never understood how he knew I played his guitar. I mean, I always tried to re-tune it when I was done. Man...he was furious!!! Kristen Black was raised in Los Angeles; the daughter of a corporate business woman and a highschool chemistry teacher. 'It was so cool growing up in LA, there was a little of everything. A lot of my music [like Weirdo Magnet] comes from real experiences growing up in LA.' Music has always been a very big part of her life. She says, 'I was constantly singing. I must of drove my friends and family nuts! I was always making up stupid little songs and skits and performing them for anyone who would stand still for 60 seconds.' As far as musical influences, she credits her older brothers for exposing her to all different styles of music. 'I draw from all of those influences when I write a song; I like to mix it up,' she says. She had one brother that listened to Big Band, classical, punk, and the Beatles. While the other brother listened to heavy metal, mainstream rock, and the blues. After highschool, Kristen attended college in San Luis Obispo and earned a degree in biochemistry. 'How far is that from music?!!!,' she laughs. She later went on and earned a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and pursued a career in teaching chemistry at the university level. However, during all of this time, her true happiness was found in playing and singing in small bars and clubs. Kristen explains, 'I was in a band called, Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC), during grad school. Those guys, the rehearsals, and the gigs we played kept me sane!' Now residing in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA, Kristen decided to take some time off teaching to record some of her songs and to start playing live again. 'I was so fortunate to be introduced to some extremely talented musicians right at the time I had the inspiration and support to do this project.' says Kristen. She continues, 'The songs on this CD are simple, fun, rock and roll tunes. So put it on...laugh, sing, dance (naked, if you like), hang out with your friends and family, and enjoy life! That's what this is all about!'

1.1 Fishing for Soul
1.2 Love on Drugs
1.3 Weirdo Magnet
1.4 Give Me a Minute
1.5 Sitting All Alone
1.6 Lonely Being 1
1.7 Built to Last
1.8 Mister Swing
1.9 Hide and Seek
1.10 Down This Road
1.11 Nothin' on Me
1.12 Going Home

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