Kristi Jo

Kristi Jo: Dwell

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Artist: Kristi Jo

Artist: Kristi Jo
Title: Dwell

It is impossible to passively sit through a performance by Kristi Jo. In fact, you often find yourself either leaning towards her, drawn in by her stage presence, or leaning back in your chair, overwhelmed by her craft. Born and raised in Orange County, CA, Kristi Jo, 25, has pooled her musical inspirations from the likes of Joni Mitchell and the Beatles, two forces that have shaped her ambitions into budding success. 'I'm trying to bring back the tradition of folk music from an older generation and then give it a new sound. I'd love to be one who brings back a focus on the song rather than the look' Kristi Jo says. A USC graduate from the Thornton School of Music, KJ's power as an artist stems from her degree in Music Industry and studies of jazz performance. While she cites influence from some of the Greats, Kristi Jo has fashioned a sound of her own. Her smoky vocals, together with intricate guitar playing, create a sound that is uniquely hers. Her lyrics are personal and intimate; she speaks honestly of shared experience. KJ on her songwriting process: 'I don't really have a formula for writing my music. It seems that every song gets pieced together in a different way. I don't believe that there is one way to write a song'. Her versatility is beyond measure and her ability to draw in her audience is masterful. She's been compared to contemporary artists such as John Mayor and Sheryl Crow but her sound is her own. Her manager, Eddie Wenrick, agrees. 'I've been in this business for 40 years and when that girl walked into my office and sang me some songs, I couldn't believe what I heard. She is the real deal'. Focusing her energies in Los Angeles, Kristi Jo has headlined shows at The Roxy, The Viper Room, The Knitting Factory, The Derby, The Key Club and Molly Malones. She has collaborated with several notable producers, namely Val Garay, Eric Rosse and David Malloy. In 2002, Orange Coast Magazine featured Kristi Jo as an up and coming artist. In a musical culture where image seems to outweigh musicianship, Kristi Jo is a breath of fresh air. This young, talented singer-songwriter is sure to become one of the strongest voices of her time.

1.1 Access Granted
1.2 Liftin Me Up
1.3 Loving You
1.4 All Your Time
1.5 Coming Back Around
1.6 Carry on
1.7 Ride Away
1.8 All That I Am
1.9 Everything's O.K
1.10 Simplify

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