Kristian Kriesel

Kristian Kriesel: Chinese Lantern

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Title: Chinese Lantern
Label: CD Baby

There are two main styles that make up this album, 1) Short Ambient Atmospheric tracks of a soft lighter nature. 2) Long Krautrock/ Psychedelic tracks of a darker nature but the one thing that ties them together is their film soundtrack quality. The Best track' Chinese Lantern an epic track which starts off as a Classical piece with Avant Garde undertones but half way through becomes a giant sweeping epic with a thumping pulsing dream like sound before becoming increasingly more fuzzy/,dark a very psychedelic Finish. One of the main applications behind this album was to record computer based instruments (VST's) through analog effects and to achieve this i used VST's, Yamaha SY22 digital synthesiser, Roland analog mono synthesiser, tape delay, electric guitar, SW radio and of course the Tell Ray Super organ tone (oil can vibrato effect) My good friend Stan Menshic contributes to the track Bewitched, Where he plays the inside of a piano as well as adding taped sound effects, He also created the album cover I play keyboards and synthetic percussion on this track. Summing up: While not as much variety as my second album The Witchmaker there's still plenty to like about this album, If you like ambient music but find it too repetitive this album might be just what your looking for.

1.1 Friday Night
1.2 Memories 1980
1.3 Memories 1980 (Reverb Mix)
1.4 Leed
1.5 Tomorrow Land
1.6 Hospital Bed
1.7 Maze of the Minotaur
1.8 Bewitched
1.9 Tell Ray
1.10 Palace of the Sea Kings
1.11 Chinese Lantern

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