Kristin Borquist

Kristin Borquist: Aware Relaxed Revived

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Product Type: CD

Title: Aware Relaxed Revived
Label: CD Baby

KBE Studio invites you to live, embodied, in a deeper and more satisfying way. Trusting that you belong to the Earth, your relationships with Nature and with those around you come alive. Kristin Borquist has been practicing movement arts and bodywork for over 20 years. By expanding our healthy range of movement and awareness rather than by fixing problems, and challenging restrictions, we can become more free, respectful, peaceful, and confident. Dance, tai chi, yoga, pilates, meditation, ayurveda, and the movements of everyday life inspire her work. She hopes you enjoy it!

1.1 Belonging to the Earth - Kristin Borquist
1.2 Landing Fully Present - Kristin Borquist

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