Kristin Glasgow

Kristin Glasgow: Danger's Callin'

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kristin Glasgow

Title: Danger's Callin'
Label: CD Baby

Kristin's second release has been a great success. If you like 80's pop metal then this CD is for you. Female fronted rock with a very powerful wall of sound. Recording artist Kristin Glasgow has had music as a big part of her life since she was only 5 years old. She started taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and continued taking them all the way through her high school graduation. At 18, she started teaching piano lessons herself and soon built up a large clientele. In 2001, she joined the Music Achievers Conservatory as a teacher. Here she taught along side her old piano teacher Vanessa Chasney and soon built up a larger clientele. Her teaching skills soon got her into judging for music competitions such as National Federation and American Guild of Music. In 2001 she met music producer Rich Vogellehner and soon after started performing background vocals for other local artists. In 2004, Glasgow and Vogellehner released Eyes of an Angel. The CD consists of an 80's rock lineup with all original songs written by the two of them. Music critics have compared this CD with artists such as Vixen and Pat Benetar. In the first month alone, the CD sales soared and Glasgow decided to do local performances. She has performed at various local events including the Boyne City Stroll the Streets, AGM Regional Competition, Boyne City's Annual Thanksgiving Parade, and local area concerts. Because Glasgow has experience in classical and Broadway music as well, she has been hired to sing at many local weddings and funerals. In 2005, Glasgow and Vogellehner decided to give a second album a shot. After two years of working in the studio, they released Danger's Callin' in January 2007. This CD also falls into the 80's rock category, but has stronger guitars and drums. The style has been compared more to that of Dokken and Scorpions. All the pieces on this CD are also original works by Glasgow and Vogellehner except the REO Speedwagon cover hit, Keep Pushin'. You can also download songs from either CD at many of the music download sites including: itunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and MusicNet. If you would like to contact Kristin or Rich directly send an email to

1.1 Danger's Callin'
1.2 Keep Pushin'
1.3 Heavens Got Love
1.4 Now Your Gone
1.5 Armed and Dangerous
1.6 Passionate Heart
1.7 I'm Fallin'
1.8 Forever
1.9 Powerplay
1.10 We'll Never Stop Believin'
1.11 Raging Storm
1.12 Now Your Gone (Acoustic)
1.13 World of Dreams

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